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This company is awesome. We  never purchased a Condo before and were paying such a high rent that it only made sense to consider trying. We found Vitali through internet. He took the time to get involved and sent emails or be available to answer questions on the phone. He always responded to our questions and concerns quickly and professionally. We would not hesitate to recommend him.

My wife and I are extremely happy.
Ryan and Adrianna  Miami
We have bought and sold several homes and have used many different realty firms. We have never had the service like we experienced with this members of team. They are a terrific team and we would recommend them to anyone.
Thank you, Nancy.
The experience was excellent, amazing to work with !! no presser in buying they answered any questions I had an help me close on the nice unit we wanted! Thank you Guys
Я  и мой муж имеем прекрасный опыт работы с этой командой. Было проявлено большое терпение к нам, когда мы не спеша ,скурпулезно смотрели много кондо, прежде чeм купить. На все наши вопросы всегда получили четкие ответы. Однозначно, мы рекомендовали эту команду всем, кто собирается покупать проперерти во Флориде.
Люда Рудчестер